Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Shaken by the Jerk in Beef Jerky

So. How was I supposed to know that the beef jerky I ate while in Texas was rancid? Within days, it had turned various shades of green with white spots and sprouting leaves like a bean stalk.


My friend just called and described the remaining bag of beef jerky to me over the telephone. It was the bag I was snacking on during our roadtrip to Austin.

I started to feel sick the morning I left Texas.

I flew home to San Francisco, touching down in Houston for an hour layover while suffering with a chill, tingly skin and what doctors call "intestinal distress". Eight days later, after too many nights waking up in a drenching sweat, red splotches on my skin, light-headedness, blurry vision and painful jerky abdominal cramps, I made an appointment to see my doctor.

"He can see you on August 3rd".
"But. It's July 24th."
"There's a 3:45 pm appointment on August 3rd and if you don't take it, that appointment will be snatched up in ten minutes, " she said, without any empathy.

"Can you have the doctor call me?" I asked.
Huge loud sigh. "What's your number?"

I thought he could suggest something to me over the phone. He called me several hours later and after I told him my symptoms, he asked me to come in immediately and I went in the following morning for lab tests and a prescription for antibiotics.

I felt miserable. I was beginning a new job. I was having my floors refinished and my house was still bare with furniture. Plus, the fumes were harsh to breathe in. We were experiencing a record-breaking heatwave and It was 112 degrees outside and inside my nearly empty house varied between 94 and 97 degrees. I also had a birthday through this sickness. I tried hard to cover up my uncomfortableness but it wasn't easy to always hide my stomach shaking around like a small earthquake. I kept pretending everything was fine.


We just had an earthquake. I'm not kidding you. As soon as I wrote the word, it hit. If I didn't just see the Seismic Graph online, I would have thought I was experiencing another abdominal cramp.

I've had a few different lab tests and though I haven't received the results yet, I'm now quite certain it was the green beef jerky sprouting leaves that made me sick. I'm on my 15th day and just now feeling more comfortable in my body.

Well. Until about five minutes ago. Before we had an earthquake and shook me up again. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stand under a doorway for a bit. Or at least until I need to scurry down the hallway again to visit the first room on the right.


Amanda said...

Oh No! I hope you feel better soon and don't experience any earthquakes! We're dealing with a possible hurricane down south here in Florida.

Bad beef jerky or no beef jerky, it's enough to unsettle anyone's stomach!

ValGalArt said...

I can't believe that your Dr.'s office is that backed up! But I was happy to hear that he wanted to see you right away!!! If not I would loose faith in this already insane world! Poor baby, I'm so sorry this happened to you. You will probably not eat beef jerky for a verrrrrrrry long time... So happy you are better and Thanks so much for all your very sweet comments!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Thanks for visiting! I am so sorry you had rancid Texas Jerky. I think if one left it en plein air, it would probably be OK... due to the heat and all, but if it was in a bag with moisture.... ewe... (and I don't mean sheep.) Even a case of Shiner Bock wouldn't drown out that melange.) I hope you feel better and have new excuses for sitting quitely and knitting.