Saturday, December 2, 2006

California in December

This photo shows exactly where I spent a great deal of my afternoon today. I spent it with my lovely mom enjoying the warm outdoors. It was such a beautiful and relaxing Saturday... well, until she discovered she lost her right shoulder pad.

"Oh nooo!" she exclaims while pounding herself all over. "What if it was when we were in that beautiful Tuscany home and someone thought it was a kotex?!"

I stared at my mom with eyes the size of tea cups. I completely understood her fear. What if someone saw it fall from her and then seeing us enjoying our time together, they didn't want to ruin the moment, so they kicked her shoulder pad under a table or into a corner to save herself?

Then I thought, "Mom, at your age, be proud that someone would think it was a kotex!"

My mom thinks the shoulder pads are the best things to ever be invented, though most haven't seen them much since the 1980s.
"Be proud you have your father's shoulders..." she says to me. "I don't have shoulders. Just arms growing out of my neck."

As lopsided as she felt, we spent a day, admiring Christmas decorations and talking to wonderful people... I like to call them unknown friends.

Everyone was out and about putting up Christmas decorations. It really was beautiful.

It confirmed my idea of posting holiday photos for December's Inside Peek, so if any of you would like to participate and send a photo of your holiday decorating, I will post it. (And, thank you by the way, for you brave souls who shared your refrigerator photos). Next month, through-out the month of February, I will post the inside peek of medicine cabinets...

Also, thank you for those who have left me comments. It really is rewarding to have a connection out there in cyberspace. It really does help to have a warm soul saying "i hear you" from across the miles.

I am feeling so grateful today. And my heart feels warm. And, you are a large part because of it.



danny said...

you are so funny shawn!..."the 80's called, he wants his shoulder pad back", I'm sure it was all good, it looked and sounded like a wonderful day in a wonderful place. In a great time of year too, I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics!

Doodlestreet said...

"I hear ya..." ;)

Wow, you're California looks much nicer than my California! Gosh, that photo is just BEAUTIFUL! And you were able to spend that time with your mom which is so so special. That's really great. I think you are in the same part of Callifornia that my family is from--
Uh...that shoulder pad conversation...HILARIOUS! Cracked me up! You're such a kick! I know tons of people that can't even SAY the word Kotex in front of their mom! Hhahahahahaha... (I'm not included in those poor mom's heard it all, bless her heart.) ;) Poor Carol.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to go to Cali in the winter.

Janet said...

What a nice place to spend the afternoon!...and it sounds like you and your mom have a great time together!

mac said...

gawd thats georgeous. I hope its like that when I visit!

Monica said...

I feel so lucky too, enjoying 75 degree weather in December. People were picking out their Christmas trees in shorts! I love the story about the shoulder pad, that is so funny! I hope your poor Mom didn't let that spoil the lovely day. Merry Christmas!!

ValGalArt said...

Hilarious! Where was this photo taken?

doodlegirl said...

Hi Val! That picture was taken in a wonderful little town called St. Helena in the Napa Valley. I was in the backyard .. those lounge chairs face the pool. Beautiful, huh?