Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I've been tagged!

I've seen others tagged to answer a questionaire, but this is my first time and by two people at once! Crunchybits and Doodlestreet both tagged me so here goes:

Four jobs I have had that were not related to my art field:

1. SALES. I sold children's records door to door all over the country. Boise, Idaho - Des Moines, Iowa - Salem, Oregon - Portsmouth, Virginia - Downey, California - Spokane, Washington - Houston, Texas - Lincoln, Nebraska - Bartlesville, Oklahoma - Edina, Minnesota - Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I hated it. Especially on cold rainy days. Sometimes I would sit on the curb and draw out my experiences in comic strip form. One time I won a free shirt for selling the most records in a single day. That was the only reward I got for going door to door. Oh yeah. My other reward was building lots of character in me.
2. RECEPTIONIST. The Company was Strategic Pacific. That was the hardest two words for me to try and say over the phone. I could never get it right. Over and over and over again, the telephone would ring and I felt like Lucy trying to say Vitametavegmin. "Good morning. Spacific Strategic, Suspific Pustific...". My job lasted only one very long day.
3. SALES CLERK. When I was a young adult, I worked at JC Penneys in Olympia, Washington. They only gave me 12-hours a week to work, so I starved, living off air-popped popcorn until I finally got a job at a film company. (well. actually. I was pretty hungry during that job as well).
4. MASSAGE THERAPIST. I would carry my table and lotions and music and sheets to people's homes all over the Bay Area giving massages. Eventually I quit because I needed a massage.

Four websites I visit daily:

1. Apartment Therapy. I LOVE this website. You can visit it ten times a day and there will always be something new posted.
2. Ikea Hacker.
3. Design Sponge.
4. Print Pattern.

Four places I have lived:

1. Pennsylvania (Norristown and Lafayette Hill)
2. Texas (Lindale)
3. Washington (Olympia, Tacoma and Fife)
4. California (San Rafael, Fairfax, San Ramon, Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa)

Four movies I can see over and over again:

1. The Secret. (I've seen this already 3 or 4 times in the past four months).

2. Fifteen years ago, I watched Hook three times in 11 days. So many people I know hated that movie. But it touched something in me and kept grabbing at my heart and soul.
3. Goldie Hawn movies always makes me laugh.
4. Kathy and Mo (not really a movie but an HBO special) "you look vera vera perty tonight".

Four TV shows I have enjoyed as an adult:

1. 30Something
2. Melrose Place
3. Survivor and The Biggest Loser
4. Lost

Four TV shows I have enjoyed as a kid:

1. The Brady Bunch
2. The Mary Tyler Moore Show and later the Rhoda show.
3. The Carol Burnett Show
4. The Doris Day Show

Four places I have gone on vacation:

1. Boston, MA
2. Oahu and Maui, Hawaii
3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
4. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Four favorite foods:

1. Cheese
2. Salty things and chocolate covered salty things, like pretzels. Or chocolate covered nuts. or chocolate covered peanut butter. I'm not particularly fond of chocolate on its own.
3. Barbecued filet mignon or salmon
4. Artichokes and avacados and salads, too

The people I am tagging:

Janet and Monica


Doodlestreet said...

Is it just me, or did Rhoda seem wayyyyy cooler than Mary? Oh! And Carol Burnett was just the best! I'll never forget that scene where she wore the curtain like a dress with big shoulder pads! What a crack up she is! I wish that show was on down here--I miss those good variety shows...sigh.

doodlegirl said...

Doodlestreet -- i LOVED Rhoda! Ted was hilarious. I wasn't too fond of Phyllis but I sure got a kick out of Georgette! Remember her high thin voice?

I would sometimes pretend the song Love is All Around was directed toward me! What an imagination i had.

Janet said...

I LoOoved thirtysomething!( I had a thirtysomething nightshirt that I wore until it fell apart.I loved Gary! ...and remember at the end every week?...the little song tag...."and dance by the light of the moon"? I always sang along.
I have never missed a single episode of Survivor...in my "dream world", I get really in shape, and compete on the show.haha

ValGalArt said...

I loved reading this! My mom and I always say to each other you look vera vera purty tonight and then we roll with laughter cuz we say it in that voice!Ha yer so funny! Have a beautiful holiday!

doodlegirl said...

Hi Janet! I remember that little tag song, too! I always waited for it and I sang right along with you! I still have those shows on videotape in a box. It was such a creative show!

Val! My mom and I always say "You look vera vera perty tonight" to each other, too!!! I gasped when I read that! Thank you for your wishes. I wish for you a beautiful holiday as well.

Rayne said...

I forgot about cheese! Cheese is lovely and wonderful. Chocolate covered things are good, too. Except for chocolate covered pretzles. Scott and Shelle eat those. It's just so wrong.
I feel so left out. I have no idea what 'vera vera purty' is in reference to.

doodlegirl said...

"You look vera vera purty tonight"... is a line from the HBO special of Kathy and Mo (Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney). It takes place in a bar where Kathy plays a drunken cowboy named Hank with a cigarette dangling from her lower lip repeatedly saying to Mo who plays a single mom named Karen Sue .. "You look vera very purty tonight. Tell me, sweetmeat, when are you gonna leave that boss man of yours and marry me?!" It's histerical! Run out and pick up a copy of this funny HBO special. I'm not sure of the exact name. Maybe it's called the Kathy & Mo Show.