Friday, March 2, 2007

Dick and Jane lunchbox

Here is a Dick and Jane lunchbox I designed. It will be available in stores in a couple of months. It will be filled with the perfect amount of Dick and Jane fabric to create a quilt with.
It will also have the quilt pattern inside with directions.

I don't sew.

Well. I took a sewing class in 8th grade. Miss Anderson was my teacher and she always wore chopsticks in her hair. Or maybe it was large knitting needles.

I really only remember three things about sewing :

1. The thimble.
I got such a kick out of wearing a thimble in class. I would draw a smiling face on my thumb and pretend the thimble was a hat for my thumb. I called it my "thumb buddy". "You're nobody until Thumb Buddy loves you," I would say. (cringe)

2. The pin cushion.
I loved the sensation of sticking pins in the cushion. It was a guilty pleasure.

3. The sewing machine accelerator.
I loved to press down on the accelerator of the sewing machine. I would pretend to be driving a car along a bumpy, gravel road watching the needle move up and down faster and faster. The shift would be the level in the back that I would lift to raise the needle up.

No, I didn't learn to sew very well. But it certainly satisfied my craving to drive a car just a tiny bit.

I wonder what I will do with my Dick and Jane lunchbox. Maybe I will store tubes of paints in it. Or carry my lunch in it to work. With all the warnings about different food needing to be promptly stored in the refrigerator, its a wonder none of us as kids got food poisoning from leaving our baloney and mayonnaise sandwiches out in the warm classroom for so many hours. Especially when we saved half the sandwich for after school.


violetismycolor said...

Oh, I want one, I want one! It is so darned cute!

I also know a couple named Dick and Jane and they always get all sorts of themed stuff. This will be a new treasure. Please let me know where these will be available.

Janet said...

Me, too! Me, too!
I love this, Shawn!

danny said...

That's cool Shawn! yeah that's a good point about the un-refridgerated lunches. I had a Man From U.N.C.L.E. lunch pail...never got sick. :o)

Monica said...

It does look so good, Shawn! Be sure and tell us where they will be, because I want one too!

Rayne said...

This is fantastic! I totally want one to put near my Dick and Jane books.
You are right about the lunches, I am so careful about what I pack for my girls and wonder how I survived tuna fish sandwiches that sat in my locker for hours in a non-air conditioned school.

Ms. Menopause said...

Wonderful!! .. fantastic!! .. I too want one!! .. how can we buy these??? :) .. thanks!

doodlegirl said...

You can purchase these Dick and Jane lunch boxes that include the Quilt Kits in most quilt shops. I think there's only 5,000 lunch boxes printed so they're a limited supply and are selling up quickly. Thank you so much for your kind words.