Sunday, December 2, 2007

Feeling nostalgic in music

I think it was 1985 when I first really fell in love with music.

I was living in Tacoma, (Fife Heights) Washington that year and VH-1 was the huge music video channel. I was living in a home with six other girls. Two or three or four of us would come home for our lunch hour and sit on the couch in front of the tv and watch music videos while munching on sandwiches.

I loved Careless Whisper (Wham!), Say You, Say Me (Lionel Richie), Separate Lives (Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin, We Built This City (Starship), Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young), Don't You (Forget About Me) Simple Minds, Saving All My Love For You (Whitney Houston), Never Surrender (Corey Hart), Smooth Operator (Sade), Material Girl (Madonna), Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams), Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen) and Private Dancer (Tina Turner) ... all huge hits of 1985. I still have vcr tapes of when I recorded my favorite music videos on tv....

When I notice people's bookshelves and see their books I think it tells a lot about someone. I think music does, too. Here's what's playing on my iTunes Shuffle. What's playing on yours?

1. Patty Griffin: Trapeze
2. Sarah Harmer: Open Window
3. Leona Naess: Home
4. Paolo Nutini: These Streets
5. Fugees: Killing Me Softly With His Song
6. John Legend: P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)
7. Kendall Payne: On My Bones
8. The Killers: Read My Mind
9. The Magic Numbers: Wheels on Fire
10. Brandi Carlile: Turpentine
11. Jann Arden: At Seventeen
12. Mary Gauthier: Long Way to Fall
13. The Innocense Mission: Follow Me
14. Hurts to Purr: Matinee
15. Alan Jackson: Remember When
16. KT Tunstall: Suddenly I See
17. Sarah Bareilles: Love Song
18. Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler: So Far Away
19. David Gray: The One I Love
20. Lucinda Williams: Righteously
21. Gillian Welch: Summer Evening


Karen Myer said...

Oh I love this! I've been a lurker for awhile, but I love your music choices! Infact, I went on itunes and listened to samples of music I haven't heard of and actually bought them!!!!

I was living in Tulsa, OK in 1985! (I'm 43) I started to come on my own that year in enjoying music, too! I loved Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston and Corey Hart back then!

Here's what's playing on my "party shuffle list":

1. In Repair: John Mayer
2. Autumngirlsoup: Kirsty MacColl
3. Why: Annie Lennox
4. Heaven: Los Lonely Boys
5: Nothing But Happy: The Cathryn Becks Ordeal
6: I'll be Seeing You: Billie Holliday
7: Like a Star: Corinne Baiely Ray
8: Other Side of the World: KT Tunstall
9: All We Have: Brett Dennen
10: The Lucky One: Alison Krause and Union Station
11: Streetlights: Josh Rouse
12: The Bug: Mary-Chapin Carpenter
13: The Levee: Johnny Lang
14: Bablyon 2: David Gray
15: Wicked Game: Chris Isaak
16: Changeless: Carbon Leaf
17: The Way I am: Ingrid Michaelson

Bren said...

1. Everything - Michael Bublé
2. The Sun Doesn't Like You - Norah Jones
3. Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille
4. This Is Mine - Lucy Kaplansky
5. You Can't Hurry Love - Dixie Chicks
6. Irreplaceable - Beyoncé
7. Old Man's Rubble - Amy Grant
8. Roger Wilco - Shawn Colvin
9. Hold the Line - Toto
10. Joking - Indigo Girls
11. Don't Look Back - Boston
12. Goodbye Charlie Brown - Terri Hendrix
13. Bliss - Alice Peacock

Stephanie said...

Gotta love Starship!

No iPod in our house. Sad. Currently listening to the soundtrack to Polar daughter's choice :)

violetismycolor said...

You listen to lots of different music than I do, though I am trying to increase my listening range. We actually went to the symphony for the first time in years (Vivaldi's Four Seasons) and I bought an album of a group that I didn't know (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals!) after hearing it playing at Border's yesterday. I felt so brave!

doodlegirl said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for delurking. I like your music. I went on itunes and just listened to some of the songs I wasn't familiar with and I really like them!-- especially the Ingrid Michaelson's song.

Hi Bren! Great songs! I haven't heard "Old Man's Rubble" in such a long time! Gotta love that Michael Buble` song. Makes me happy!

Stephanie --Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten Starship's WE BUILT THIS CITY?!? I LOVED that song! The Seattle station I listened to in 1985, would pretend the song was about Seattle and added a news reel regarding Seattle is the City that never sleeps... Fun song. Thanks for visiting !!

doodlegirl said...

Hi Violet!
I marvel at your bravity. :O) Actually, I should be so brave and pick up The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and increase my listening range. I just went to the itunes store and listened to samples of it. It was inspiring to me. Did you know that kind of music actually makes you smarter? It is supposed to even help children who have ADD. I forget the entire story now, but somehow classical music reaches all the regions in the brain in a very positive way.

But. I bet you already knew that. :O)

Doodlestreet said...

I REMEMBER THAT SEATTLE SONG! I spent a lot of time with my sister in Auburn then (I would ride my motorcyle up there on the weekends from Portland...almost EVERY weekend) and we heard that song all the time! They used audio clips of all the big Seattle stuff up there, rigth?! I rememer was a deep memory you just brought out! Funny how that stuff stays in the brain after all that time!

doodlegirl said...

How fun that you remember those newsclips, too, and to think we were there the same time! And I remember Auburn! I think the highway exit said: KENT/AUBURN or maybe it said LYNNWOOD/AUBURN. Maybe I completely remember it wrong.

wait a minute. You rode a motorcyle up there nearly every weekend?! Did you have windshield wipers for your helmet . Because i DO remember it rained up there quite a bit.

Doodlestreet said...

Yeah, that hwy 18 Auburn Exit off I-5...and the next one going south was Fife! Or going North, your Fife exit was first! Lots of car lots...I remember that... windshield wipers for me...just a soggy coat!

And soggy pants...

And soggy shoes...

And soggy socks...

you get the idea. :0)

doodlegirl said...

I can picture that highway exit sign so clearly. And Fife was right there! From the living room window of the house we rented, we could see the big red lighted sign across the highway spelling out MILTON. That was the town across from Fife! (I wonder if the Poodle Dog restaurant is still there in Fife).

danny said...

That is a wonderful playlist! So many great songs that touch us in one way or another...I think we all have our other words, a Soundtrack to each of our lives. A great song is just a great song, and let us all just appreciate them!

platitudinal said...

1.Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & the Waves)
2.Funiculi-Funicula (Russell Watson)
3.Bamboleo (Gipsy King)
4.Man of La Mancha (Ronan Tynan)
5.I’m Gonna be 500 miles (The Proclaimers)
6.Walkin on the Sun (Smash Mouth)
7.Mariana Mambo (Chayanne)
8.Burn for You (Toby Mac)
9.The Ewe with the Crooked Horn (Natalie MacMaster)
10.Kiss from a Rose (Seal)
11.Fong from a Secret Garden (Secret Garden)
12.O Mio Babbino Caro (Jahna)
13.Ruin (lamb of God). Somebody gave me this song (obviously a teen). I could hardly hear any words. But all the poundings, bangings, and loud blah-blah surely gave me the extra energy to finish the last mile. Maybe it’s because I wanted the song to finish as soon as possible. And I thought if I moved my legs faster, it would go faster, and it would end faster. Whatever it is, it helped with the workout, so I kept it.

doodlegirl said...

"A soundtrack to each of our lives"...
What an interesting observation, danny!

What if we had instead, just a 30-second soundbite theme song. And each time you'd enter the room for the first time, your theme song would come on. Sorta like the theme song to Mary Tyler Moor Show or Daniel Boone..

doodlegirl said...

I just listened to your song list, Platitudinal ... especially to the music you posted that I wasn't familiar with and I really enjoyed them! Really upbeat music that keeps ya moving! I love that! That last song "RUIN" is so completely different than your other choices but I totally see how it pushes you to finish that last mile. (that LAST mile?!) WOW. You must be in good shape.

spud said...

I have a short list...for now anyway...I really gotta get out to the music store and try out some new tunes...(toons)!

1. Madonna: Don't tell me
2. Macy Gray: I try
3. Wynonna: Flies on the butter
4. Tracy Chapman: The Promise

doodlegirl said...

Wonderful songs.

That song Flies on the Butter. just about breaks my heart every time I listen to it. It takes me back to summers in Swansboro, North Carolina visiting my granddaddy. And The Promise takes my breath away. For such a short list.. those two songs along with Macy Gray (another great song) and Madonna... you're already off to a great start! :O)

danny said...

hi shawn! for some reason I can leave comments again, and oops I forgot to leave mine...not on shuffle, but what I've listened to recently:
1. Kansas - The Wall
2. Yes - I've Seen All Good People
3. Pearl Jam - Given to Fly
4. Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto
5. 3 Doors Down - Away From the Sun
6. David Bowie - Heroes
7. Annie Lenox - Primitive
8. Genesis - Afterglow
9. Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas
10. Rush - Earthshine

danny said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeahhhh what a good idea, a theme song when you walk in the an 'at-bat' baseball, players get to pick a song when they come up to bat. Mine would probably be the opening bars of 'Gimme Shelter'...