Monday, December 31, 2007

Nothing takes a few minutes

I was in a hurry.

Should I take the time to run into Rite Aid? I only had a few minutes, but if I hurried, I could do it. I only needed to pick up a couple of things.

The line was short and I felt so happy and relieve
d I made the right decision to run in there. I made it through in lightening speed.

"Would you like cash back?"
"Sure," I reply. "Forty dollars, please."

A quick decision that would save me trip to the bank. Or. So I thought.

She handed me $40 with my small bag of purchases and my receipt. I rarely ever look down at my receipt. But, as I walked out the door, I happened to glance at it for a moment and noticed the sales woman overcharged me $360 dollars!

I turn around and return to her counter.

"There's been a mistake...." I begin to tell her.
"Please get at the end of the line and I will help you."

I look up and there is a long line of people circling around and down the aisle. I was in a huge hurry. I didn't have time to stand back in line and, I didn't think I should stand in line for a mistake the sales woman made.

"I'd like to see the manager", I said, feeling proud of myself for my quick thinking in the rush to get this resolved so I could leave the store.

A young manager still in braces walks up to me, looks at my receipt, puzzled. He didn't know what to make of it.

"Are you sure she didn't give you $400? Did you count your bills?"
"Yes, both of them. It is $40."

I show him the two $20 bills that were still clutched in my hand along with the receipt.

After the line cleared, the sales clerk said she was ready to help me. They decided the only thing they could do was to give me $360 in cash so I can drive to the bank to deposit it back into my account. Naturally, the bank was several miles away in the opposite direction I was going and there was a lot of traffic and the red light lasted longer than usual.

Lesson learned. Nothing takes a few minutes. Especially if you're in a hurry.


Emily Beglin said...

That has just happened to me! Tonight! I was charged $22.38 over.

It feels so vulnerable! I was standing there hoping they would believe me and not think I was lying and trying to rip the store off.

It took awhile. WHY are the managers always wearing braces and so many years younger than us?

I got my money back. Good news. Wishing you a successful and God Speed (good news) New Year.

doodlegirl said...

Oh Emily, that happened to me (again) yesterday, too! The cashier forgot to close me out and complete the sale so when the next person in line paid for their groceries, it was still on my atm cash card and I didn't realize it until 9 o'clock last night that I was charged $64 more from my account. I guess this happens more often than we think! Yikes!

danny said...

oh man, shawn! I hope that second cashier realized what he did! :o)

ValGalArt said...

In one month I was overcharged to the tune of $130.00. $75.00 from the electric co. $40.00 from the rubbish co. and then the rest was my cable co. This month somebody charged an airline ticket on United to Mumbai! $1044.00 How can United charge a ticket to me in somebody elses name and not even call? It's crazy out there! If you don't scrutinize everything you will be robbed! Ok i guess i ranted...

doodlegirl said...

Oh nOoOoOoooo, that's a terrible tune! It just goes to show ya, ya need to really watch your receipts and bills. I'm certainly going to be more watchful in the future! It makes me wonder how much money I have lost when I wasn't observant.... :O(

Rayne said...

Oh, no! Isn't that always the way, though? You think you can do something real quick and something always ends up happening.
I can't believe the guy asked you if you were sure she didn't hand you 400.00
Like you could even get that much cash back if you did want it.

doodlegirl said...

Yeah! Really! Isn't it $200 the limit? Sheeeesh! Always a questioning clown!

platitudinal said...

You are one smart lady who always checks her receipt! I am trying to make it as my new habit.

doodlegirl said...

Actually, I really don't check my receipts very often. It just so happened to be a fluke when I glanced down and saw the enormous dollar amount. Just goes to show you, though, how often it happens! :O|