Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting close to the Big Apple

I just pulled out a frozen entree to microwave for a quick lunch.

I flip the carton over to read the instructions. It begins with:
1. Remove tray from box. Cut film cover to vent.

I pull the tray out and notice a thin sheet of ice on top. I remove the thin ice and look for the film cover to poke holes in when I realize there is no film cover. The plastic was never put on!

That just drives me crazy.

Now it's my turn to vent!

i never really know what to do in these situations. How do I not know if this box has been tampered with? Is it laced with poison!? Do I toss it out, assuming it's a frozen entree gone bad? Or, do I heat it up without concern assuming it's just a mistake.

Perhaps the production person, in his excitement of hearing his wife's water broke, was absent-minded and simply forgot to place that film on just before grabbing his coat and leaving for the hospital!

Or... maybe the production person was just about to place it on and his boss walks up behind him and says, "You're fired!" and in his shock and anger, yells, "then forget you!!!" and storms off leaving the conveyor belt and that one frozen entree snuck through without anyone noticing.

Well. The microwave just sounded it's beep and I am hungry so I am going to eat this mushy meal. I am concerned.. but figure it'll be okay. If not, at least it's documented here. Along with that rancid beef jerky I accidentally ate awhile back that I survived after losing six pounds over that sickness.

Early tomorrow morning, I board a plane to New York City. I'll be staying in a studio apartment in the Flatiron District Neighborhood on E 22nd between Park and Broadway. I will walk the couple blocks alone to work at our headquarters on W 22nd. It will be cold.

At home, I am still wearing pants to my mid-calves and going sock less. But for there, I'm packing pants down to my shoes. I'm not sure I'll be prepared for the cold. But I will try. On it says it's 33 degrees but FEELS LIKE 25.

Who's opinion is that? Would it feel 25 to me? Maybe it would feel more like 16 degrees.

I hope to ice skate in Central Park on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday evening, I will be going to see Avenue Q on Sunday night. Tuesday night is our office Christmas Party.

It will be a fun, busy time and I am ready to embrace this new adventure.

Well. After I stop by Longs and pick up a few items. And pack. And write a list to my pet sitter. And clean up my house. And empty my car. And fill it with gas. and. and. and...


violetismycolor said...

what fun to be in Manhattan with all the Xmas decorations up and the hoo-haa involved with that? Have a great time!

danny said...

Oh maaan! did you eat it?? I saw a thing on the Discovery channel and they showed how those things are's all done by machine, they come down the line and a machine arm wraps and seals it probably ran out of plastic wrap and there's a whole batch of those unwrapped entrees out there in the world! But yeah, whoever was running the machine was asleep at the wheel, or reading a comic book.
Anyway have fun in the Big Apple! bundle up!...and wear gloves! :o)

doodlegirl said...

Thanks violet!

Oh danny! Yeahhh, I ate it. So far, so good. Let's hope food poisoning doesn't hit me once I board the plane! oh myyyyyy!!

spud said...

"When in doubt...throw it out." I was told that after I ate a chicken that had been out all night. Can you believe I did that?!!! (I was young...and the chicken was old). OH MY!

But...I reckon they flash freeze those things once they put em in their tray, so you're probably okay. Now if they serve those at the christmas party, make a 180 and head for Midtown...

Have fun, Shawnie.--don't forget your mittens.

doodlegirl said...

"when in doubt.. throw it out!" yeahh that's great advice to just about anything, isn't it? I should've done that. Once I had eggs in my frig for so long, I decided I was in doubt, so I invited my two little nieces over for a slumber party and we threw those rotton eggs from my upstairs deck into an open field. And d'ya know? Those eggs were so rotten that when they hit a tree, they broke and the little orange (yolk?) was just a hard tiny ball inside!! No splat or nuthin! Who knewww!!?

Spud, i'm so glad you survived the old chicken so you now can become old yourself. :O)