Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And suddenly there was nothing left of December and the year 2008 slipped right out of my hands like a sudsy bar of soap.

December was a very busy month for me. As I know it was for you.

I spent the second week in New York City upgraded to an apartment suite overlooking Times Square. It was beautiful. Snow fell the size of snowballs. I went there on business to work and to also attend our company end-of-the-year party in SoHo. It was such a wonderful, magical week for me.

And then Christmas zipped around the corner in a rapid pace and I was busy focused on that. Afterwards, my best friend flew out here to visit me for a week and suddenly it was 2009. And then that sped by in a blur and soon it is now a week after that.

Happy New Year!

My wish for you this new year is for you to discover some sweet magic in places and in people you'd never expect it. And with this glimpse of enchantment, your life will feel softer and more beautiful.

I will be back soon.


Laura said...

..."upgraded to an apartment suite overlooking Times Square."

Some people walk around living a blessed life. I believe that about you, Shawn. Magic seems to delight you wherever you go.

doodlegirl said...

That is so sweet of you to say that, Laura. I have a feeling that you might be, too. You seem to have an uncanny ability to recognize that when it happens.