Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winners and Losers

I grew up in the age where there were winners and losers. 

Not everyone received a trophy for coming in 5th place. There was only one winner. 

Now a days, no one comes home a loser. (I see it a lot on talk shows, like on Ellen for instance). They all are winners. 

I understand why they do that. It doesn't discriminate. It doesn't create any feelings of shame for the loser. But it doesn't really create any kudos for the winner either.

I've been a winner and I've been a loser. Either place, it has pushed me forward. 

As a loser, I learned by falling short of my goal pushed me to want to do better and so I learned how to strategize. When I won, it was my hope fulfilled. It propelled me to believe in my dreams and inspired me to continue further. 

The other day it was pointed out to me that my Tot Town fabric was shown on the website TRUE UP as Best Juvenile Print of 2008!

I feel really satisfied by that. 

I think everyone fears not fulfilling their potential. Not maximizing all that we are meant to accomplish.  

This new year I am focused on living the life my soul intended. Just like you are wanting to live the life your soul intended. We're really not any different after all.

Here are two of my fabric designs. One is from the Bot Camp line. The other goes along with my Sea Monkeys. You can visit our company blog to see more. You'll really enjoy Kathy's blog, filled with lots of fun ideas and free tutorials. Just remember when you're hangin' out there, to remember to come back here, too.

I'll be waitin.


Beth said...

Your fabric makes me feel like a winner...

I used Tot Town to decorate my son's big boy room -- including a quilt for his first big boy bed. Of course, he refuses to sleep in it, so maybe I'm a loser...

And now I see Bot Camp and I might just have to make another to rotate witht he first!

Ferris said...

Thats so awesome Shawn. What a winner you are. The fabric is amazing!!!!

Robin said...

You are definitely a winner in my book! I love the Tot Town line-- and I am coveting the new Bot Camp. (Even the monkeys are calling to me!) You are so talented! Keep the beautiful and fun designs coming.

shawn said...

Oh Beth! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and giving the link to the quilt you made! You just made my whole day! I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to see my fabric being enjoyed and used by people I don't even know! You gave my heart a nice little jog. :O)

Thank you, Ferris, for your sweet kindness. I always love it when you stop by for a visit.

Thank you for your kind words, Robin. I just visited your blog and you sure have a lot of talent! You're a winner in my book, too! Thanks for visiting!

danny said...

Wow those look awesome Shawn! We have a winnahhh! And a great observation about winning and losing, we've all done both. But I think I like winning better. :o)

roz said...

Shawn, a warm hug and many congratulations to you! Your work is candy for the eyes. Just yummy and full of life.

Happy new year to you and here's to a fullfilling 2009!

violetismycolor said...

Your fabrics are way cute! What a fun job.

Hope you have a great new year.

doodlegirl said...

Hi danny. I agree. Winning sure feels a whole lot better!

Hi Roz! Thanks for your kind words and dropping by! I thought of your recent move and hope you have settled in and enjoying your new home.

Thanks "violet". I am wishing the same for you. A year filled with many wonderful travels. :O)

luci said...

Thank you for sharing your insight, Shawn.