Sunday, December 13, 2009

running 8 miles in the rain and fog

I ran 8 miles yesterday morning and then again this morning. Both nights previous to the runs, I laid in bed and kept hearing the pounding of the rain pouring down outside my window and I felt nervous going out in it to run the trails in a downpour.

What will it be like? I worried.

It was amazing!

Jumping over crawling newts, loose rocks and mud puddles was surprisingly very exhilarating and it kept my mind focused on my safety other than running the distance.

Seeing people emerge in and out of thick fog banks was breath-taking.

Hearing the rain pouring down around me ... yet feeling protected overhead by much of the canopy of trees was comforting.

Running down a steep narrow trail with water rushing down it at the same time was exhilarating.

I fell once.

My toe hit the top edge of a boulder and I went down into a face plant. It happened so suddenly. I was running and then I wasn't. I rolled my tongue around and over my teeth for any chipped edges and I was relieved to find none, so I pulled myself back up and continued running. Funny what adrenalin does.... you don't feel anything, but your heart pounding. And then my legs picked myself back up and I continued on as if nothing had ever happened.

Stunning, beautiful views. Large ferns growing on the sides of the steep cliffs. Fog rising up the hill.

I worried if I fell down the cliff, would i bounce and roll down to the bottom? Or could i break my fall, by grabbing hold of a limb or tall grass. I tried not to think of those scenarios, but once you fall... you realize how easy it is to slip like that. So I moved closer to the upside of the hill as I weaved my way down to the bottom of the mountain.

Such a feat. Such a huge accomplishment for me.
I really feel proud of myself for pushing myself to do this. Because I know only too well.. how easy it would have been both mornings to turn off the alarm and cover my face under the blanket and sleep a couple of hours more...

Always before we run in those early mornings, the coaches give us a pep talk before we begin...


Bren said...

you should be very proud of yourself!!!!!!!!! WOW

Christine said...

Hi doodlegirl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such an enthusiastic comment about the running! I'm glad you found my blog... because now I found yours and I'm so inspired by your enthusiasm and your fantastic progress with your running! WoW! I read through your last several running posts and love what I'm reading!!!!! =)

Angela and Jen said...

Hi! I found you through Kelly's blog. She is such an inspiring person. You both are! I am an ultra runner, had a knee surgery 6 months back and am SO eager to get back to running. Looking for (and finding) inspiration through you guys. Thanks! Jen

Jessica said...

I'm in your trail running group and I SOOO appreciated your video of last week.... thanks. JEssica

love your blog and your enthusiasm. it inspires me to do even more

doodlegirl said...

Bren, Christine, Jen and Jessica, Your comments to me have been beyond inspiring. You have given me hope and excitement to continue sharing my thoughts and adventures online. Thank you!!!! I so appreciate you dropping by and letting me know you are there! xoxox

Dan Guerra said...

Wow that's awesome how you've become such a dedicated runner! And your blogs are really bringing it to life! Your description of each adventure out there is so vivid...keep up the good work Shawn! both runnin' and bloggin' :o)

Tammy Horton said...

My how tenacious you are Shawn! You have every right to be proud of yourself!!!

Your desciption of the newts, rocks and tree canopy so make me miss the beauty of Sonoma County. I would love to go on a picnic with you in Annadel sometime when we visit Cailfornia again. The woods are my most treasured place to be, and to be there with you my friend would be a delight.

Lynn said...

Shawn! Good for you for wearing your gloves! Looking good and strong--- I had no doubt you could do this!


Kate said...

You have me so stunned I cannot move - how's that for an excuse? No, really, I am very excited you have started running. Your flair for sharing the experience is an incentive. I ran with 3 of my dogs yesterday - didn't fall over anyone and that's a miracle!

doodlegirl said...

Thank you Dan and Lynn for your encouragement!

Tammy... I would l love to one day enjoy a picnic with you in Annadel.

Kate - running with three dogs without falling IS a miracle. Now you have ME stunned! :O)