Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'll be home For Christmas

So. I'm listening to Christmas Carols and I hear Bing's warm, soothing voice singing: "I'll be home for Christmas... you can count on me."

So that's reassuring. He RSVP'd.

He then says to "please have snow and mistletoe" which sounds a little bit demanding. Especially the snow.

He also wants "presents on the tree."

I think he meant UNDER the tree, but whatever. On the tree.. under the tree.. guess he already figures there will be a tree or he'd be asking for that, too! A flocked one, no doubt, because he's beginning to sound like someone who is difficult to please...

He emphasizes it again... "I'll be home for Christmas..." and "you can count on me"... and it's like, "alright aleady! You'll be here! I'll have the snow and mistle toe and presents here waiting for you..."

Then... he goes into something that doesn't really make sense.. something about ... "Christmas Eve will find me where the lovelight gleams...".

During that moment, I'm sure the person on the other end of the phone is looking for a pen to write down all his wishes...
And wonders why are there a hundred pens in the house but none of them work!

1. pick up mistletoe.
2. Order snow.
3. Buy presents.

He's really coming! We can count on him!

But then... he ends the song with this line and he slows it down and really lets his words linger.... "I'll be home for Christmas... IF .. ONLY .. IN .. MY .. DREAMS..."

What is up with that!? That, my friend is not a true RSVP.

I havva feeling he's holding out for a better offer...


Dan Guerra said...

That is hilarious Shawn! yeahhh ol' Bing was hard to please from what I've read...And the song, "12 days of Christmas" all those calling birds, turtle doves, geese-a-laying...all those birds! Who wrote that song, Alfred Hitchcock?

Angela and Jen said...

Very cute! Thanks for making me laugh. Jen

Kate said...

Most people reckon that Irving Berlin had written this song while being inspired during his Beverly Hills trip. He was doing a movie at this place, and he got probably homesick enough that he had written the words that now make up the White Christmas song. Below is the lyrical content of this song:

First of all Berlin was in the Hills de Beverly - sure, let's say he got homesick.
Next, who knew people in Beverly Hills "reckon" - does that still go on?
Finally, the only part I got right is the timing of the song's in MY dreams I still think of it as a soldier writing from the fighting fields to the folks he loves.
Works in today's world too.

doodlegirl said...

Dan... you're hilarious!!! Alfred Hitchock!? Good point!!!

Oh Jen... I am so happy you laughed and understood the humor I meant it to be. :O)

Kate... thank you so much for all this history info. I love how much you read.... and really get a kick out of all this interesting history stuff. Thanks for sharing this. :O) I enjoy this so much.

ValGalArt said...

I am laughing so hard I could hurl! You are so darn funny girl, this is sooooo great :D Why oh why can't YOU have a tv show? I would be your #1 fan! You are not to late for the giveaway and you made me realize I neglected to add the time frame :) i'm on it and thanks for your friendship. I would love it if you have a mo and could go to watch the song I just played. Let me know your thoughts as I know you love the tunes as much as me :)

Anonymous said...

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