Sunday, January 24, 2010

12.6 miles run (whoda ever thought!!)

12.6 miles later.

Running through deep running streams... stepping down into mucky water up past my ankles...  getting completely soaked... and then I start running again, listening to the squish-squish-squish sounds of the water in my socks inside my shoes.  

Thank God for Drymax socks.

And I'm not getting paid to say this. They absorbed the moisture in my water-logged shoes ---each time, I stepped into another raging stream or sitting puddles too large to jump across I would hear the squishing for a bit.. and then it would be gone.

Whenever I could.. I would run alongside the paths.. but oftentimes, even that was deceiving and the edges were water-logged as well!

No blisters to note.. and I ran with wet socks and shoes within mile 1 out of my 12.6 mile run.  It was a long way to run. This time I hafta admit... it was kinda hard.

I ran over waterfalls. I ran through mud so thick and deep.... it felt as though my shoes were velcroed to the ground. It also felt like I was lifting 5 pound weights off my ankles as I stumbled through it. I ran underneath fallen trees from last week's storm. I climbed over other fallen trees. It was an obstacle course. Many of the moss covered trees looked florescent! It was extraordinarily beautiful! The views were breathtaking.

At one point in the run, a woman ran past me with short dark hair.

I shouted, Karen! recognizing her as one of my sister's running friends.
She turned briefly around to say, No.. I'm Maria....

I shouted, Maria Ronchelli!!

She stopped and spun around to look at me as if in disbelief!

It was fun to see her. We went to elementary school through high school together and now I know she lives in my neighborhood. Small world! I think she graduated in my brother's class.

Are you gonna run in the half-marathon?! I asked her.
I signed up.. .not sure if I'm fit enough for it! ... she responded as she blazed past me.

I shouted.. "You are!" but I don't think she heard me. She was running too fast to hear me.

Two hours and six minutes into my run, my legs feeling the fatigue, I guess I wasn't lifting my feet high enough to carry myself over all the rocks and mini boulders and I tripped and gashed my right kneecap onto a bolder.  It bled.

Anita was there behind me and helped me back up.  I felt shakey at first... and walked maybe 20 seconds before I started running again.

It wasn't long before Anita would take a tumble as well. This time, she was near high clifts... and was lucky she didn't fall all the way down into the ravine.

It was a crazy run.

Two hours and 31 minutes later.. i arrived to my destination.

Next week I think we're only going to run 7.5 miles...  to ease off. And then the following sunday is our half-marathon. 

I don't have the same elated, blissful, exhilarated feeling I have felt in other runs, but I'm so grateful I made it through this run.

Another record breaking distance.

And I should be proud.

Afterall.. I've only been running two and a half months.


Dan Guerra said...

Wow another incredible running adventure! and not just running, but climbing, slogging through mud and rough terrain, are you sure you're not training for the Army Rangers?...but I kid. :o)
12.6 miles is no easy feat, you are amazing Shawn! You've always been a great athlete, you'll be awesome in the half-marathon!

Christine said...

You should absolutely be proud of yourself. What an accomplishment, Shawn! Just think how much easier it will be running 13 miles on flat terrain (I'm guessing the half marathon is on paved roads?) and hopefully no mud or puddles to run through. Way to go! :)

doodlegirl said...

Dan! No kidding! I felt like I was in boot camp! Thanks for the good wishes.

Christine... The upcoming Half_marathon will be held up there in the mountains! So not much flat land. You can get a good sense of it here:
BTW.. how is YOUR running going?

Christine said...

Oh wow! I should have figured that since you've been doing so much trail running in your training. That is so cool. I watched the little video at the site, and what views! I recognize many of them from your own photos. So wish I could be there to do it, too... although I haven't been training enough to do 13 miles just yet.

Right now I'm averaging only two runs per week. A very short one midweek before my husband has to leave for work and a longer one on Saturdays. I've had a set back in all of my workouts in general because my elderly father-in-law had a mini stroke back in mid December and he now requires constant care and supervision. He was already living with us because he couldn't live on his own, but now his care is even more demanding. But I'm still doing what I can to keep up the running. It's too addictive to give up! Go, go, go! =)

doodlegirl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law and sending him (and you and your husband) an extra dosage of grace! You've got your hands full.. that's for sure and I admire you getting out there and running no matter the distance! Plus... you got to put in the mileage for all that reading you put in, too!!! :O)

Sherry McShan said...

Wow! What conditions! You should be super proud! If you can run that distance in that terrain a half will be a breeze. I don't always have that "fun" becomes a challenge ..bUT the feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line and do what you thought you couldn't..well..totally worth it.

doodlegirl said...

Hi Sherry! Nice to see you here! The Half is actually gonna be there on that terrain. It's a fund-raising event to save the park. It's 5,000 acres and ranges up to the 900-foot elevation level...

Jen and Angela said...

Sounds like a FUN muddy run. It appears that you are well on your way to following in your sisters footsteps. Remember the good ole' days when you used to sit around and eat bon bons? Sounds like a fun idea anyway. You are amazing! So proud of you. Jen