Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two Hours and 10 Minutes

This brave runner actually ran through the puddles while I skipped and danced around them.

Two hours and 10 minutes is how long it took me to run a little 9 miles.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned something on my post that it took a little over an hour to run 8 miles. That had to have been wrong. Someone told me later they think it took more like an hour and a half.

I believe them.

This morning was tough but I expected much worse. I was nervous all week before running this morning because I was busy between Mid December and New Years with the holidays and traveling and didn't run as often as I had hoped. And never nearly as long as I should have because I was running in unfamiliar places alone with just my ipod playing in my ear.

This morning we started up the Canyon Trail into Annadel Park and then up the gravel grind known as Richardson.... and from there, we ran up even further on a gnarly single track called South Burma.

It had beautiful views from up there. It was really breath-taking, looking down and seeing Santa Rosa swallowed up under the fog. The sun was shining above the clouds and it felt warm on our faces.

Mossy tall trees everywhere. And the air was so silent. All I could hear was the pounding of my shoes and the water slushing back and forth in my water bottle.

And then we reached Buick Meadow and headed down Marsh.

I love running downhill... it's where I can catch my breath. I feel the muscles changing in my legs as I push myself downward ... my shoes suctioning into the mud... and slipping an inch or two each time my feet touched down.

We had been running an hour and 23 minutes and I didn't have a clear sense of how far we had run during that time.

I was running with Angie, my sister-in-law but we had lost Heidi (Angie's sister-in-law) at the beginning and we were both silently worrying about her when Angie offered me a shot-blok and when I turned back to grab it, I caught a glimpse of Heidi bursting out from a fog bank running full speed.

She looked great and she told us she was feeling great despite a few set-backs earlier in the run and she had to keep running or she'd feel pain in her knee... so off she went running right past us.

We ran about a half mile up Canyon Trail again.... and then criss-crossed and ran around the lake in the opposite direction of what we ran earlier and then we carefully descended the rocky, rooted Spring Creek trail. By then my legs were feeling a bit fatiqued... and had to be careful winding my way down.

It felt really good to finish. Angie and I finished at the same time. Heidi arrived two minutes earlier.

And it really was a great run! I was sick with a cold earlier in the week but it didn't detour me.

I feel happy and excited that I ran 9 miles. I never ever dreamed I could.

Next Sunday... we'll be running 10. Only a few more weeks before we run the half-marathon.


Dan Guerra said...

Wow good goin' Shawn! These stories of each of your runs is like an adventure series! Your new site is looking good tooo...Loved your sign, haha!

doodlegirl said...

Thanks! I'm gonna make a few more changes on it, but was too anxious not to put it up to wait. :O)

Angela and Jen said...

The run sounds gorgeous! Who cares how long it takes with that kind of scenery? We leave for the Avalon 50 next Friday, I plan to hike 25 miles which will be interesting since I've done no more than 10 in the past 7 months. Better make more smoothies! Jen

doodlegirl said...

Jen! I had to google the Avalon 50 and once I did, i remember my sister Kelly ran that before! I will be sending you a huge dose of courage, strength, mental health, etc your way. You're incredible and brave and I like that! But.. yess... i think you better make some more smoothies... :O)

life without novacaine said...

Wow, your website looks really great! Super clean and energtic at the same time. Love your library of work. Your blog looks really nice too. Great way to start off a new decade!

Christine said...

Hi Shawn!
You're doing fantastic with your running! Trail running is definitely slower than road running... all those fun obstacles to jump over and skip around. The setting makes it so worth it, though, don't you think?

I'm having trouble improving my mile pace and my endurance. I think the extra pounds I have on me is simply slowing me down. I'm working on it and in the meantime will just keep running!

My latest new experience was running at 6 am in the dark in 21 degrees F!

Happy Trails! :)

doodlegirl said...

Thanks L w/o N... that is quite the compliment coming from you. I have been a huge admirer of you for years and followed your personal life and carried you close to my heart.

Christine.... (!!) Thanks for visiting! 6 am in 21 degrees does sound daunting!! I once ran with my sister on a wednesday night up at Anadell (a place we run) at night at 36 degrees with just our flashlights. I have my imagination of what you went through and I'm quite sure when you finished you felt exuhuberant!!!

I loved how you described trail running.. "all those fun obstacles to jump over and skip around..." yes! I think that's why it is so much fun!!!