Sunday, January 17, 2010

i ran 11 miles this morning

I am sleepy.

I ran eleven miles this morning.

In the mud. Up and down hills. Over rocks. And roots. Jumping over mud puddles when I could and jumping in them when I couldn't jump them.

At Mile 6... I was soaring. I believed i could run all day long.  I am glad that didn't happen.

Eleven miles really was enough.

And it was really a special day.
And I love the newness of it all. Breaking records with myself by running further than I have ever run before. Or even imagined was possible.

When we lived in a small hilly town in Fairfax, my 5-year-old sister Kelly and our 4-year-old-friend, Eric taught me how to run. They both grabbed me by the hand and ran as fast as they could with my tiny little 3-year-old legs carrying me as quickly as Kelly and Eric could pull me.  I was scared! But! I was running!

And I have never forgotten that moment.

Six weeks ago, the idea of me running this far was daunting.


Remember how scared you were to take the training wheels off your bike? Or how much courage it took for that first kiss?

Nothing stopped you then.....


Dan Guerra said...

Wow, now it's up to 11 miles! what an achievement Shawn! I can just picture you running along when you were 3, looks like you learned it pretty well! Gooood goin'!

Jen and Angela said...

You are amazing! Tom says hi! We are back from Avalon. And our blog moved: love ya, jen

Christine said...

I'm so impressed!!!! And here I was so proud of myself for running 4 miles on Saturday by myself. LOL

Keep it up! That race will be here before you know it!

Christine said...

Hi Shawn!
Pop over to my blog when you get the chance. I've awarded you a Superior Scribbler Award. ha!

Happy trails! :)

to said...

you are adorable and it is my greatest pleasure :D

doodlegirl said...

Christine.... i think you did remarkably well for running four miles BY YOURSELF!!! I am so very proud of you! It is always so much easier when you are running with others! And thank you so much, btw, for the Superior Scribbler Award!! That is so cute of you for thinking of me. Thaaanks!

Jen.... thanks so much for your support! It's been raining great guns this past week and i've got the jitters to run in the soupy muddy sopping wet hills on Sunday. 12.6 miles!!!

Thanks dan for bein' here always!

And .... to?... not exactly sure what you are saying, but i like you! :O)