Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Floors and flying

I spent a great deal of this afternoon pulling up more carpet.

It's the final room of the house. This extra middle bedroom stores my cds, my old videotapes and cassettes and books. So it's just a room filled with ... stuff. Lots of it.

There was a brief moment of insanity when I thought I could pull up a strip of carpet and use the heavy large bookshelf as a straight cutting edge for me. So I kneeled down and pulled up the carpet and my large heavy bookshelf, decided to tip over backwards instead of standing firm.

I watched in horror, as it crashed loudly down to the floor, splintering framed glass pictures in a zillion pieces, breaking the leg off an end table and breaking endless CD cases.

I tried to grab it in midair but it only took me quickly with it to the floor.

It reminded me of when Ann wanted to fly.

We were teenagers. She asked Brook if she could hang on to the back of his truck while he drove away. She imagined her legs lifting up parallel to her head as if she was flying.

It sounded like a great idea at first. But, being smarter than dumb kids, we decided her legs wouldn't probably lift like that and would just drag along the street.

Her life was probably saved that night.

I miss Ann. I wonder if she still dreams of flying. (And I hope she hasn't tried)


danny said...

ooooh! sorry to hear about the bookcase...well I'm sure Ann is fine, that pickup would need to have gone about 200 mph!

Janet said...

Gosh! Glad you weren't injured! 'Glad Ann didn't try to fly,too!

Monica said...

Aww, bummer about the bookshelf but I'm excited you're working on your floors again! How's it coming?? :o)
Hopefully next time I'm there it will be all finished and shiny.

Rayne said...

Wow! That is not good. I am glad you are okay.