Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Midnight Sun

Do you remember that old Twilight Zone episode called THE MIDNIGHT SUN? I feel like I've been trapped inside that tv show.

If I remember it correctly, there was some sort of catastrophic event that happened and knocked the earth off its orbit, sending it closer to the sun. It became grossly hot. Everyone left New York City looking for colder climates, except two women who decided to live out the rest of their short, hot, sweaty lives in their old apartment building. The sun never set. I remember one haunting scene of an oil painting that was melting with the heat and a thermometer that burst.

It is nearly midnight.

I keep looking at my paintings. Are they melting? It is 90 degrees. Inside my house.

I've lived in this house for nearly three years and I don't remember it ever being this hot in here before. I have fans going throughout the house. But the fans just stir up hot air and blow it all around.. like the hot desert wind I felt last week while in Las Vegas. It doesn't cool you. It just makes you lethargic.

My paintings are fine, though. Nothing has melted down. My thermostat is still in place.

A friend of mine who lives in muggy Tennessee was shocked to hear I don't have air conditioning. He told me yesterday that he'd rather live in a single-wide trailer with air conditioning than in a palace without.

I'm thinkin' if I lived in a single-wide trailer and the air conditioning went out, I'd just be a gal living in a very hot single-wide trailer. So I would take the palace any day.

I know it won't stay this hot for long. The fog will roll in from the coast in about a day or two and it will cool down.

The evenings will even begin to feel a bit chilly.

As I recall watching the ending to The Twilight Zone ... I remember the older woman died of a heat stroke and the younger woman also eventually collapses, but when she awakes, it is dark and snowing. She was just dreaming. The earth was actually heading away from the sun!

I just felt a chill!

No. It's not snowing. The fans are finally doing their job. I went to look at the thermometer and it's now a cool 88 inside my house.

I think I'm gonna be okay.


Janet said...

We were near 100 degrees yesterday......I'm ready for Fall!

danny said...

wow I remember that Twilight Zone episode! you described it so vividly, I can feel the heat myself.
But it's cooler today...

ValGalArt said...

hilarious! i love short, hot sweaty lives!!!

Dave's blog said...

Hey Shawn, I don't remember seeing that episode, but I do remember how I felt like that about God, soon after I first went thru Vanguard. Are you feelin' me S-dog?
You're right about the A/C. I lived in a trailer for a while as a youngster growing up in muggy Tennessee, and a palace, even a hot one, is still a palace!

Rayne said...

I remember that TZ episode. I was so little when I watched it and I remember it horrifying me. To this day I will not even think of looking at a house without AC. Then again, all of the places we have lived have had hot, long, miserable, humid, summers.
I grew up with out AC and found that if you put a bowl of ice in front of a fan the air feels cooler as it blows on you. Not sure if it actually works or if I just thought it should so it did.