Sunday, January 7, 2007

The haunted house

Everytime I walk past this house, chills tingle down my spine. Whenever I walk along the sidewalk out in front, I feel frightened. It feels ... well, it feels haunted to me.

I never stop to linger. I walk rather quickly along my way feeling nervous and afraid feeling the hairs on my arm rise.

I'm never sure what street this house is on, but whenever I'm on a walk and notice it, I cross and walk on the far side of the street.

I went on a walk with a friend last night. We had our cameras with us and he spontaneously decided to snap the photo of this house I fear.

He sent it to me in an email stating he didn't know what those round things are in the photo. They didn't show up anywhere else on his other photos.

In google, I typed in ghosts and clicked on a site and couldn't believe what I saw!

Do you believe in ghosts? I think for now on, I'll trust my instincts and I'll just miss this street altogether on my next walk. Well, wouldn't you?


Doodlestreet said...

Orbs! I knew what these were the second I saw them. Now...I'm not "into" all that whoo whoo stuff...but I do know that I have seen these before, I have no reason to doubt they are what they are, and to let you in on a secret..I have several photos from my living room where we have these. And they aren't from strange light sources, as I have captured them from different directions, during the day or night, with flash or without. I've heard it said that they are angels. Hard tellin', huh? I should send you one of those photos.

Janet said...

Although I'm not really "into" the ghost thing, we always take the ghost tours on vacation.We have taken one in Savannah, Charleston and the last one in Asheville N C. They had a photo albumn with many pictures along the route with those orbs. They encouraged everyone to take photos and pointed out the best sites to capture orbs. ( I didn't have my camera)
I don't expect to see ghosts on those tours, I just really like getting to ramble around the cities late at night in the safety of a group.

doodlegirl said...

WOW! I appreciate you both letting me know what you know about Orbs. I have never heard of an Orb until I did that google-search. Now I'm so intriqued!

Last night my friend and I went on another walk in the same older neighborhood to take pictures of places we felt a spooky vibe in and think we captured some more orbs! Must be beginner's luck!

Janet, I never knew "ghost tours" were such popular vacation spots. I want to go on one. Doodlestreet... I would love to think they are angels among us, too. That house could use a few around the yard.

danny said...

Those orbs are amazing! I wonder if they're all around us, or if we carry certain energy within us, like magnets.
I've always noticed how street lights sometimes flicker out when I pass by them. Am I causing that?

Michele said...

Okay, I just got chills. I consider myself open minded, but skeptical.

Anyway, years ago I chaperoned my daughter's school trip to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. We stayed right there where parts of the Revolutionary war took place. My daughter, another girl and I roamed through a thicket of trees and found a gravestone. For fun (cause I'm mean that way) I spooked the girls by going "whoooooo," and then I took a photo of the two of them by the grave.

I got my photos back, and in that grave photo - and only that photo - was a perfectly shaped orb sitting on my daughter's friend's shoulder.

Just out of curiousity I went to Google. When I saw the orb thing, I just shook my head, and thought, was just dust or a light reflection - which it probably is. But, damn, why is it only in that gravestone photo out of the nearly hundreds I took?

Michele (