Thursday, January 25, 2007

Suggestions anyone?

In this month's Sunset magazine, there's an article on Palm Springs. Have you read it yet? I'm going to to take that issue with me on my upcoming road trip down south. I've been there a few times and have always enjoyed it. And at the beginning of Spring, I'm taking an out-of-state friend with me to that desert town where she has never been. She's also a fan of the cool, retro 1950s/1960s style that Palm Springs is so well-known for.

She already booked the hotel in Palm Springs. "I worry," she says to me. "I need to book everything two months in advance..."

I tend to go through life by the seat of my pants. This trip I don't want to do that. (Well. She doesn't want me to do that). My job is to plan two nights and two days anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

As soon as I pick up my friend at the airport, we'll drive straight down to L.A. I'm thinking of booking our first night in Santa Monica. There's a hotel I've stayed at before, but it could be fun to go somewhere new. I tend to only go to the same places whenever I'm down there. On the last day before we head north, we will also stay in the L.A. area.

I'm curious. Can I trouble you to suggest places to see or stay? A restaurant to people-watch or a place to eat with a view? I want to know about the tourist-places as well as those places only the local know about. Do you know of any fun stores to browse through but not malls.

In other words, if you were going to entertain guests from out of state, where would you take them? If you feel more comfortable sending me a personal email, please do, but if you want to post a comment, I'm sure others could benefit as well.

Even a link to a website would be helpful.

I really appreciate it. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Since you're into the 50s/60s era type places, you might look into taking a 2-hour tour of Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. If you window-shop (all I can do these days with 2 kids) on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills you might have a celebrity siting. (shop on Rodeo Drive between Santa Monica Blvd & Wilshire) or grab a $5 map to where the stars live! People sell them on nearly every corner! Because you mentioned you like Melrose Place, you can see the actual apartment in the Los Feliz neighborhood in L.A. (4616 Greenwood place.. near Vermont Ave). Have fun!

Monica said...

You should eat at Duke's in Malibu. It's delicious food, and the kind of beautiful ocean views that you love, Shawn! It's right off of Hwy. 1 and it's gorgeous. Of course, I also think I should come visit you sometime when you're down there, since you'll be so close to me!! :o)

danny said...

You might wanna stay at the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica, right on Ocean Avenue. It's an old Art Deco style hotel, restored.
You could also take the ferry to Catalina Island, or take the Universal Studio tour and re-visit the Munster's house!

sonia said...

Shawn! You need to go to Hollywoodland. It's the original homes where the Hollywood Hills subdivision first began. It's got a lot of Kitsch to it, ranging from a vine-covered cottage that looks like the 7 dwarfs home to large Normandy castles. I lived there in the 60s and lived in a modern house built on stilts! A lot of the "old" move stars made their homes there.
Drive up Beachwood Canyon Drive at Glen Holly and you'll see a great view of the Hollywood Sign. Walk up about a block up on BC and you'll find the entrance to the original Hollywoodland. Have fun!

doodlegirl said...

WOW! Thank you for all those wonderful ideas!

The 2-hour tour of Paramount Studios sounds like it could be really fun! And experiencing Rodeo Drive as well. Glad the real Melrose Place Apartment didn't really explode afterall. :O)

Thank you, Monica, for telling me about Dukes! I want to eat there! And I hope we see each other while I'm down there. Maybe we can meet at Dukes!

Thanks Danny, for your ferry idea and the hotel recommendation. I went to their site but they're closed down for rennovation.

And Sonia! I never knew about Hollywoodland! I want to go there for sure! Thank you for taking the time to give me such good directions!