Saturday, January 20, 2007

James Brown

My mom leaves me the funniest phone messages sometimes. Here is one I received today:

"Shawwwnnaa Maria! Shawny! Shawwwwnnnyyy! Are you there? It's nothing important. But I was just gonna tell you.... Can you believe John Brown's body.... or whatever his name is.... is still at his house?! He died at Christmas! And they're just gonna move it some other place and it's been in his house this whole time! Man! I can't imagine! I just can't imagine such a thing!

Okay. I just wanted to share that important message to you. Okay. Talk you later. Bye!


danny said...

WooooW! I bet he feel good, Hot Damn! (sorry, bad imitation). I'm sure he was waiting for a stagehand to put a cape over him and then he would jump out again.

Doodlestreet said...

Somewhere...some guy named John Brown is taking his pulse right now...and is FREAKED OUT! ;)