Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Big Apple

I haven't the fainest idea why they call New York City the Big Apple... but I'm going to be spending my weekend there.

I'm going to a surprise 50th birthday party here.

Kass doesn't know it yet. She lives in Dallas. Her husband is the mastermind behind all this. I think there's something like a dozen or more of her friends flying in this weekend.

I'm flying standby on United Airlines at 6 am out of San Francisco. I am taking the Sonoma County airporter at 3 am. Which means I'm going to have to wake up in 2-1/2 hours so I should start thinking of going to bed.

I have a feeling I will return sleepy, too. But filled with a fun adventure! I'll see you when I return!


Rayne said...

Have an absolutely fantastic time!

danny said...

wow that place looks pretty cooool! have fuuun!

Doodlestreet said...

So I hear the reason they call it the big apple, is because long ago, before there was even this massive city, there were lots and lots of apple orchards...and one year, the most famous farmer (His name was John, and they called him Johnny...later to be known as Johnny Appleseed.) grew an apple from his favorite apple tree...he nursed it and nursed it...watered and fed it grew and grew...until one day it dropped off the tree due to it's enormous size! It was bigger than a pumpkin! Pumpkin! When it fell, he was ACTUALLY looking at it and it hit him in the EYE! Later came the expression, Apple Of My Eye.

Today, that very apple tree has been saved and is still standing in the lobby of the Empire State Building, along with a statue of the farmer. The original large apple was bronzed and is now at the base of the tree.


blink. blink.

Okay, I made that up. Creative, don't you think?