Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's more than skin-deep

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Remember when you were a kid and whenever you fell off your bike, you'd run home and cry into your mom's warm hugs and then she would kiss it and make it feel better instantly?

There's nothing more healing than a mother's healing kisses.

I wish I was that kid again.


danny said...

OWWWW! shawnee! that looks painful...yeah I remember those scrapes as a kid. Though now it seems to take longer to heal. I hope it heals quick!
Here's a warm hug...((( )))

Rayne said...

oh! Ow!!!
What are you doing to yourself??? Not good!
Heal fast!

Janet said...

Yowza!...brings back childhood memories of a horrible spill on an old chert gravel road!'
'hope yer better soon!

Kate said...

Two words for you: BAG BALM

It soothes and heals.
My greatest spill was across the railroad tracks three blocks from home. Decades later I still have a scar to "show off".

BTW, no Tilley yet. I quit looking. I have learned it was not left on Shackleford Island for the horses to wear. That narrows it down to somewhere between here and there - a mere 1100 miles.

doodlegirl said...

WOW! Thanks everyone. BIB BALM, huh? Kate, you cracked me up by your "showing off" story. I think I have a few or more of those stories, too! (and scars to prove it).

Michele said...

Shawn! Yowwwww! Whatever you were doing to get that, I hope it was fun.

You're gonna have some major scabbage. Which reminds me... I don't know about you, but as a kid, I didn't go a week without my knees covered in scabs. But I always kind of liked them, like badges of courage or something. You know, as if it showed I wasn't some sissy girl afraid to go fast and get dirty.

You are no sissy girl! I'll tell you that.

Thanks for stopping by my self-absorbed site.

doodlegirl said...

You're so cute michele! You liked to show off your scabs as it showed badges of courage! How adorable is that! Sorta like... when I wore a fake half-arm cast in the 3rd grade to school .... or when I showed off my retainer made up of of a twisted paperclip. Or... when I just posted this photo? ;O)

I wear it proudly.. my badge of courage.

platitudinal said...

Shawn, I showed your wounds to Christer and his respond shocked me. He said, "Sweet." I must add that he said it with a touch of admiration in his tone.